Text by Yoshihiro Kaneda

I like Tokyo and Japan even though there are people in curse. Cursed people force the old residents to return to their old contaminated villages and towns where the radiation level is so high. The power rules them.

No Exit, was in common among Japanese youth in early 70s. I loved one graphic novel author. His graphic novel was like Godard. Cut up frames, illustrations, and photos he took filled up the pages. At that time, I felt despair at the age of 17. The heavy atmosphere from devastated human minds was everywhere after the student power movement fell apart. There was no hope after the universities started to run normally. Zasetsu, baffle in English, became a popular word. There was the most popular song about a dumped lover who got cracks in her heart. I was frequently screaming despair silently with looking up at the sky. The sky was crystal clear blue. It was a very little help like omnipresent God was there. But it was too little for me to notice there is a help.

I think Tokyo in 2011 after the nuclear accident was to have No Exit visible. Dark towns due to a lack of electricity were in Tokyo and people got hurt profoundly from the accident which ruined north-east of Japan. Tokyo’s electricity consumption had needed a nuclear power plant far from Tokyo. No Exist ruined Tokyo with lower radiation like near areas of Chernobyl. People concerned fear of radiation but no one could answer to the fear. The rich left Tokyo and others remained. It was like drawing No Exit on the sky of Tokyo.

No Exit is here, now.