Fiction Complex Absurdity: We Were Happy



Text & Photo by Yoshihiro Kaneda

Then John and Ms. M wanted to go to the every-Friday demonstration in front of the prime minister house. That was one of their purposes of visiting Japan. It was 5:30 pm, the protest would start 6:00 pm. But it was cancelled due to rain which the tent people told us about kindly. We wanted to make sure of it and walked the slope toward the prime minister house. In the entrance of the subway station, a woman called to participants it was cancelled but she also called SEALDs, Student Emergency Action Liberal Democracy, would gather in front of the Diet Building 8:00 pm. They would be hundreds at the time, from what I heard.

John filmed monks of Myōhōji sitting and chanting their mantra on the sidewalk. Then, we were in front of the prime minister house. No activists were there and many cops were.

One cop asked John,

“What kind of film did you shoot?”

“It’s just private, a kind of sightseeing,” said John.

Mutely, the cop didn’t humper us and we were free from them.

Ms. M showed her anticlimax because the day was the last-free day. The next day, they had to leave from Japan in the early morning.

I gave up the SEALDs gathering because only a small number of students would gather two hours after and we were tired.

We walked toward the Shimbashi station where Japanese salary men were always drinking and having conversation happily. That was one of my favorite portraits of Japan. We entered Ootoya which used to be a day-worker diner I went to a lot and had Japanese traditional set meals. And we ate different Japanese traditional meals which was very tasty for all of us. We were happy.

And we missed on SEALDs, a young student’s movement.

To be continued…