Fiction Complex Absurdity: A Reporter From the Media



Text and Photo by Yoshihiro Kaneda

There were three tents. The first tent was the main tent, second one was women’s tent, and the third one was used to be the youth tent but it was used for storage at the time.

We shot inside of the second tent. The room was neat and clean. Then, I offered to shoot inside of the first tent.

“No,” the tent people said and they looked in their 80s or 90s. “No? Did you say no?” I said. They were in silence. “Why? What’s the reason?” I asked. They didn’t talk and became calm. I was confused. After a while, one old man talked to me reluctantly. “Once a reporter came and shot inside then he wrote it for the magazine. It was OK but that was cruel to us.” Since then, they have refused anyone to shoot inside and interview them. The old were hurt by the one bad guy, a reporter from the media.