Fiction Complex Absurdity: Aged Protesters Uprising Alone



John and I had a conversation at a coffee shop in Tokyo on Friday afternoon in the late July of 2015. “Many anti-nuke activists aged. This is a kind of the old’s revolution in Japan,” said I. John agreed with me and said, “It is the same in the U.S.” I knew.

They, the aged anti-nukes, have been fighting against the power over 55 years even if I count from 1960 when students protested against the Japan-US Security Treaty. They wanted to continue unarmed neutrality in Japan. That was a utopian idea. But they failed. Tragically, a huge happy Japanese economic growth overwhelmed them. The economy broke down the utopians as the Japanese enjoyed good lives.


But they uprose again. The nuclear disaster and War Law fired them. The old came from here and there and gathered to insist on anti-nuke and anti-Security Legislation, called War Law, in my word, the laws for war. The law passed in order to detach our defense army. President Obama ended the U.S. military force as a world police. Instead, Japanese defense army must work for world peace by using weapons and soldiers with blood and maybe tears. So the utopians had no choice but to uprise.

Furthermore, only the old have time to protest, even they have only their pension. And they looked alone like a Don Quixote among the Japanese.

But this changed blissfully…


To be continued.