Fiction Complex Absurdity: Fukushima One day in the summer of 2015




Text and Photo by Yoshihiro Kaneda

One day in the summer of 2015, I woke up in the morning. It was a beautiful day and birds were singing but I could not hear them at full volume. I tried to test my ears to make sure they were good. I put my forefinger into my left ear and tested my right one. I could not hear anything. I thought that was caused by earwax accumulated through the year. My earwax is different from normal people’s, the doctor strictly banned me to clean my ears by myself. Since then, I need a special treatment for my ears.

So I went to the doctor who first diagnosed my problem in the ear. The doctor, she, has advanced in years and looked more beautiful than before. I asked her to clean my ears. She said that this year my ears were cleaner than before and the earwax hasn’t accumulated so much. I asked her again why I couldn’t hear on my right ear for no reason. She said it’s strange. Then, I got a medical examination for my ears. I entered into the examination box which was narrow for a man and weird. And the box was supposed to be acoustically isolated, but not like no-human zones. It was made as an artificial no sound space. The nurse played subtle tones and I had to answer when I heard them.

Finally, I was diagnosed with deafness of my right ear. I didn’t have any reason for my deafness. Radiation, surely that was my thought. But I didn’t have any proof of this sorrow on my ear.