Can Japanese Manga Author Overcome the Fight Against the Myth of Radiation Safety by Nosebleed?



by Yoshihiro Kaneda

I read the statement of Tetsu Kariya, an author of the manga called “Oishinbo.” Apparently, he knows radiation effects and diseases for people in Fukushima and tries to breach the myth of radiation safety. But people of Fukushima kick at his manga contents. I want to introduce the contents which provide the controversy.

According to the Japan Times:

Visiting the stricken plant two years after the 2011 nuclear catastrophe, a group of characters, all newspaper journalists, are momentarily exposed to hourly radiation levels of 1,680 microsieverts. After their tour, which takes them near the plant’s six reactors, lead character Shiro Yamaoka begins to complain of “extreme exhaustion” as well as sudden nosebleeds that span days. His colleagues confess to suffering similar symptoms.

Later, when they meet a character named Katsutaka Idogawa ? based on a real-life former mayor of the town of Futaba in Fukushima Prefecture ? they learn that he too has suffered repeated nosebleed attacks and felt “unbearably sick” since the accident.

“Many Fukushima residents have been afflicted by the same symptoms. It’s just they don’t say it openly,” Idogawa tells them.

I summarize Kariya’s blog statement about the issue in English.

I didn’t think my manga, “Oishinbo” The Truth of Fukushima piece 22nd, would cause such a big uproar. I should refute against those who criticize my manga but The Truth of Fukushima piece will continue to 23rd and 24th. I tell point-blank issues in 23rd and especially, 24th. So those who carry on about nosebleed would become insane. It is possible that those who have supported me would walk away from me.

I don’t understand why people criticize the truth which I have collected data in Fukushima 2 years and I write it as it is. Do people want to close my eyes against the truth and write something good lies for somebody or other?

If I write “Fukushima is safe,” “Fukushima is OK” and “Reviving Fukushima is going forward,” everybody might be glad.
This “Oishinbo” ‘s subtitle is the truth of Fukushima. I can only write the truth. I hate self-deceiving. Today’s Japanese society is surrounded by the atmosphere of hating inconvenient truth and desiring lies of feeling good.

I will refute for real after the 24th published.

I understand Kariya’s perspective about Fuksuhima and his implication of radiation diseases because I know how tired I was in Fukushima and my wife had sick after the Fukushima trip even though we spent only few days in local cities in Fukushima. And I know a certain member of Women from Fukushima is always sick due to radiation when we meet. On the other hand, my cousins and their children and grand children living in Fukushima have no sick feeling. This is an individual difference.

But, in this regard, the problem is people in Fukushima hating Kariya’s work. Because if Kariya is right, nobody wants to buy food of Fukushima and nobody goes to Fukushima for sightseeing. People in Fukushima may feel terrible scary for his manga. It is easy to write Kariya is right, people are wrong, and people in Fukushima should watch their situation or truth carefully. The bottom or the poor who I support with must fight against Kariya and me or us in order to stabilize and control their society and contaminated regions. It is same mechanism to invite nuclear power plants in their regions which means money for the poor.

Usually, when a publisher gets this kind of a big uproar and objection from the public including farmers and workers in Fukushima, they apologize and don’t place the story agian. In the case, Kariya fights against those who criticize him and the publisher has a same position to fight. I hope to continue Kariya’s 23rd and 24th story, the Truth of Fukushima.

In addition, I know Kariya’s “Oishinbo” but I didn’t know he is a good person to me or us. Mr.Tetsu Kariya is also a co-representative of the International Network to Overcome Hate Speech and Racism (Norikoenet). .


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Notes: Correction on August 11
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